Our Pregnancy Collections are Mama/Babe concentrated and typically run approximately 1.5 hours in length.

Once you arrive, we will walk you through our custom stylings for your unique Experience and we can chat about how the session will flow!

Client's also have the option of upgrading their Collection to include a family posing option and honestly, we strongly encourage this!

With this option, we will arrange our session accordingly and ensure that we complete any family and child posing first thing to ensure we maximize our time together and the attention span of any kiddos!

Once this portion is complete, we will move on to our Mama/Babe concentrated portion of the Session!


  • Nude or White Strapless Bra and Underwear set. If possible, we do recommend a thong style undergarment for editing purposes.

  • If your session will be outdoors in the warmer months, we recommend a bug spray and sunscreen that are acceptable for use while pregnant.
  • Any lip product or gloss you will be using for any necessary touch-ups.

  • Footwear? Nope, don't even worry about it! We photograph clients barefoot in most cases whether in studio or outdoor.

  • Please remove watches and hair elastics from your wrists before your session so that they do not leave marks on your skin, as they tend to be distracting in photographs.


  • Prepare a little Experience Bag the night before your session! We recommend putting all the things you plan to bring with you in this Bag and have it ready to go for the next day!

  • Please try and get full night’s sleep the night before your session so you can be sure that you come rested, relaxed and ready to explore this beautiful Experience!

We understand that this is not always possible with little kiddos running around but if you can make it happen, you will be a better YOU for the day to come!


We do recommend that you get your hair and makeup done! It’s definitely not a requirement, but I do encourage it. Why you ask?

Well, quite simply, we are bound to be at our best when we FEEL that we look our best and who doesn’t want to take full advantage of an excuse to go and have ourselves pampered!

Umm, yes please!! :) - and hey, you deserve it!

After all, you are growing a HUMAN! Inside your belly... at this very moment, with ten fingers and ten toes! I'sn't that incredible?!?!


With siblings in mind, I do alter the typical workflow of the session to accommodate little ones and their often short attention spans. Kiddos get tired and bored. I get it!

To help their images run as smoothly as possible, I arrange for their images to be captured at the beginning of the session so that if the littles get too restless or overly tense, parents can arrange for them to be taken home by a loved one, if needed.

that's it! we can't wait to work with you!!

have a question? ask below!