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I am your Pregnancy & Newborn Portrait Artist for the Fredericton and surrounding area! To say that I adore babies would be an absolute understatement but, for the sake of this introduction, that is the best word I can think of! I have developed a true passion for capturing these tiny beings within their first few days of birth!

But, who am I? Well, I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am the youngest of seven siblings - I know... SEVEN! I'm not entirely sure how my Mama did it, but she survived the chaos (Ha!) and is such an inspiration!

My life brought me to New Brunswick in ‘97. After finishing my post-secondary, I met and married my incredible husband, Jonathan. We have two sons, Jase (9) and our new addition, Benjamin (6m) and we are the proud fur parents to two beautiful rescues:  Nikka (5), and Oliver (5). We just love them ALL to pieces.

My love of photography has always been ongoing but was somewhat in the shadows for many years. Over the last 15+ years, my primary career has been in the legal industry. I didn’t begin to devote notable time to my photography until after our first son was born and since that time, I have been working hard to provide a professional experience to my clients that they will always remember and cherish - an experience full of relaxation, comfort and, of course, timeless beautiful captures that will last a lifetime! Both in my professional and personal life, I pride myself on being consistent, detail oriented and feeding my creativity.  I take those extra minutes to perfect the details: the pose, the light, the backdrop and place those fingers and toes, just so, and brush away those tiny hairs from babe’s face. These are the details that refine a portrait to me.

I cannot wait to hear from you and cannot wait to meet and capture your very own exquisite creation!

Dom xo





“Not only does Dominique do amazing work but she is so patient, forsure the baby whisperer. Amazing pictures that I will treasure forever. Highly recommend!”